Prevention of & Recovery Basics

from unwanted sexual behaviors

The word “accountability” is almost overused today. Many of us have tried accountability or having an ally to help us to move toward sexual integrity, only to find little success. That is not because the idea is flawed but because no one trained us how to have conversations in community that lead to greater sexual integrity.

Effective Allies Part 1 will show you three important aspects of conversations that greatly enhance our ability to leave unwanted sexual behaviors behind. This free course will help you and those you are in closest community with explore:

  • What is it I really want to leave behind?
  • What drives me toward sexual behaviors I don’t want?
  • If I am to leave unwanted sexual behavior behind, what do I move toward instead?

This course does not replace any book you may be going through or process you currently use to help you in sobriety. These are four simple discussion points to include in any program or discussion about sexual integrity. 

We highly encourage everyone seeking sexual integrity to take this free course and enhance your efforts to prevent or recover from unhelpful sexual behaviors.

Effective Allies: Part 1

Part 1 of 2

Curriculum Source

Ministry Partner

Pure Life Alliance

Pure Life Alliance is an intra-church network collaborating to bring healing and restoration to families and individuals impacted by sexual brokenness. This network links resources between churches, Christian counselors, and support group leader training to to assist men and women in their pursuit of healthy sexuality. Pure Life Alliance is a local organization working in the Portland, Oregon region.

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