Why did God Make Adolescents Think Differently?

It is no secret to parents that adolescents think and act differently than younger kids or adults. Rather than you and your adolescent feel frustrated by this, learn why these differences exist and how you both can capitalize on this temporary shift in thinking and reacting.

But these temporary changes are not an accident! Learn how an adolescent's unique way of thinking gives them temporary superpowers that only last until their mid twenties. 

With every strength comes a weakness, however, so it is important to know ways to compensate for times a teenager is too impulsive. 

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Ages 11-18

This course is designed to be watched with both parent and child. Total video length is only 15 minutes, not including discussion time between videos. This is a FREE course!
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Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Course Introduction

  2. 2
    • Brain Changes in Adolescence

    • Question 1

    • Willpower Changes in Adolescence

    • Question 2

    • The Purpose of Adolescent Thinking

    • Scenario 1

    • Scenario 2

    • Compensating for Weaknesses

    • Scenario 3

    • Scenario 4

  3. 3
    • Final Family Challenge