Prevention & Sexual Wholeness

Are you concerned about how the hyper-sexual culture we live in may be effecting your family? Do you worry about protecting your children from pornography and the sexual misinformation they are surrounded with? Do you want more from your marriage than what you see around you? The following courses equip families to move toward sexual wholeness.

Parenting for Purity in the 21st Century

Six-Course Parenting Series

We offer six courses to help parents equip their children to move toward sexual wholeness and away from impurity. You may be interested in just our Pure Parenting Basics course, our Child Bundle for children under twelve, our Youth Bundle for parents of adolescents, or our full six-course series to prepare you for parenting all ages. Visit our Parenting Page for more information.

Not Sure How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex?

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Made for Purity

Designed for any family member age 13 and up, Made for Purity helps us discover the path toward sexual purity and wholeness. This course is designed for those who may have had some struggles with unwanted behaviors but primarily just need a little help moving in a more healthy direction. 

Made for purity addresses issues faced by both single individuals as well as those who are married. It reviews God's purpose for sex and how we can move confidently in His direction with our sexuality.

Discovering God's Design for Sexuality