Prevention & Sexual Wholeness

Are you concerned about how the hyper-sexual culture we live in may be effecting you? Do you want more from your sexuality than what you have now? Do you want your current or future sexual expression to feel clean and fulfilling? The following courses help us move toward sexual wholeness and fulfillment in our sexual expression. 

Perhaps you are young and are concerned by what you see happening to others around you who become obsessed with lust to the point it harms their relationships. Perhaps you feel like you are beginning to slide in a direction you don’t want to go with your sexuality. Learn what God’s original intent was for our sexuality, beyond procreation. Experience methods that help us make sexuality whole and complete. 

Made for Purity

Discovering God's Design for Sexuality

Recovery & Healing

Has pornography or some other form of unwanted sexual behavior affected your happiness? Has sex become something filled with shame instead of joy? The following courses help men rewrite their own story and begin the journey toward sexual success. 

Single or married, these courses help us refocus our sexuality in a positive direction.

40-Days to Purity

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