The Need for Freedom & Why it Matters to Integrity

One of the main ways sexuality becomes broken in children is when they feel they have few choices in their life. Seeking out artificial forms of freedom can become a trap for children and adolescents when they don't know how to find true freedom.

This course will walk you and your family through exercises that help each family member feel heard, understood, and free.


This course provides short pieces of content, between three and ten minutes long, followed by directed conversations or activities to do together. We highly recommend that families only do one lesson and challenge per day.

You can do a lesson each day or even each week. It's more important to be thorough than to go fast.


We will cover the following areas in this course. All sections contain Family Challenges to do directly with your family.

  • What Parents Need to Know
  • Creating a Sense of Freedom in Younger Children (ages 5-7)
  • Creating a Sense of Freedom in Middle Children (ages 8-11)
  • Creating a Sense of Freedom in Adolescent Children (ages 12-18)

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One Family's Story

"Giving my boys freedom to make choices as ‘littles’ was easy. As they have gotten into middle school years it’s been harder because some of those choices can end badly. Going through this course with them has helped us feel better about giving them some space and most of all helped them understand that their Dad and I are doing our best for them. I even got a hug from 2 of them after one of the videos!"

—Mother of 3 boys

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THE Conversation Instructor

Linda Stewart

A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Linda enjoys integrating Theology of the Body into her therapeutic work with women and couples at the Safe Haven Relationship Center in Carlsbad. This has also allowed Linda and Linda Noble to collaborate further on the development of a Theology of the Body model to provide other therapists a theological and therapeutic conceptualization for the body that integrates the inherent value of the human body into the client’s view of self. Linda is also an adjunct professor, teaching Human Sexuality at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego.

THE Conversation Instructor

Linda Noble

Linda Noble is the Ministries Director at Journey Community Church in La Mesa, California. She graduated from Biola University with a Christian Education Degree and since then has enjoyed employing her gifts as a curriculum writer, mentor, group facilitator, teacher and leadership trainer. After participating in two intensive courses at Theology of the Body Institute, Linda Noble and Linda Stewart formed a non- profit, The Conversation Workshop, and authored the book, Before the Sex Talk: A Theology of the Body Approach for Parents and Mentors.