Learn to Minister Effectively with Grace and Truth

With transgenderism on the rise, it's imperative that the Church responds to an increasingly hostile culture with both grace and truth. Issues pertaining to gender are simply another form of sexual brokenness. Yet, many pastors and church leaders feel ill-prepared to minister effectively to transgender people—and equip their congregations to do the same. 

This course is designed to help you—as a church leader—better care for individuals feeling confused about their gender or whose gender identity is non-typical. It's important to realize that you might not be aware of who in your church is wrestling with a non-typical form of gender identity. This training will help equip you to minister to those who've openly embraced a transgender identity, as well as those secretly wrestling with gender confusion and pain.

We cover the following areas in this course:

  • Understanding what the word "trans" now encompasses

  • Identifying and addressing obstacles that might get in the way of helping trans people in your congregation

  • Examining beliefs surrounding gender and sexuality

  • Demonstrate topics leaders can teach that address emotional pain associated with non-typical gender association

  • Provide basic guidelines for discipling trans individuals

What this course isn't designed for:

This course is not designed to help you heal someone. That is God’s job, and you will only mess people up and likely drive them away from God if you try to do his work for him. Trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid individuals are the same as everyone else in that they experience emotional pain. The important thing to understand is that being transgender is not a problem, it is a manifestation of pain. A transgender person is not a project to be fixed but a person in pain to be loved.

BONUS HELP: This course is self-paced over 40 days, but if you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 210-822-8201. Of course, it’s also yours for life to review as often as you’d like.

WE GUARANTEE IT: If you complete this course and do not believe worth it, we will gladly refund your money without asking a question.

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Pure Life Academy Instructor

John Fort

John Fort is the Director of Training for Be Broken. He is also the co-founder and board member of the annual Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit.

He speaks nationally on pornography addiction recovery and parenting for purity issues. He is the author Father-Son Accountability: Integrity Through Relationship and Honest Talk: A New Perspective on Talking to Your Kids About Sex and is a regular blogger on Covenant Eyes and Protect Young Minds.


KathyGrace Duncan

KathyGrace's heart is for women to know who they are in Christ and to understand how valuable they are. When KathyGrace began her walk into to the truth of who she is she had been living as a man for eleven years. Then she yielded her heart and said yes to the invitation to become the woman God created her to be. Through her obedience and courage, and with the support and love she's received, KathyGrace is now living in the fullness of restoration as a daughter of God. In February 2023, she will celebrate thirty years of freedom and redemption. KathyGrace Duncan is the Women & Transgender Ministry lead at Portland Fellowship in Portland, Oregon.