Parenting for Purity in the 21st Century

Preparing for Adolescence

Parenting for Purity is a unique 6-course series for parents of children ages 5-18. Courses can be taken individually, in age-level bundles, or as the full series led by a live instructor.

Preparing for Adolescence

This course focuses on two critical tools parents need to help their adolescent children navigate their emerging sexuality successfully. This course:

  • explains the underlying drivers that affect sexual decisions in youth.
  • offers different models for ongoing conversations with adolescents to guide them toward sexual purity.

Benefits to You

  • You will know the four factors that affect a child’s choices about sex.
  • You will have tools to help compensate for weaknesses in teenage decision making.
  • You will be prepared with multiple ways to start conversations with your children about their own purity.
  • You will know the three conversation topics needed to help an older child with accountability.

Course Content

Course content includes illustrations, text, videos, and application exercises for parents to work through together. The videos are from the author—John Fort, a licensed social worker—Ann Martin, and a teenager—Lucas Fort, with the hope of giving you multiple perspectives on the topics presented. 

Questions & Help

The course does provide means to communicate with the instructor and other students through a Questions/Comments forum built into the course. (This is optional to use.) If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at or 210-822-8201.

Money Back Guarantee

If you complete this course and do not believe it was beneficial to you, we will refund your money.

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