Mentor Series

Mentoring & Process Work

Mentoring is a skill set that requires continued development in order to provide the best care. Whether you are a one-on-one mentor, sponsor, coach, or support group facilitator, Mentoring & Process Work is designed to improve your skill set.

This course covers three basic aspects of mentoring:

  1. The concept of process work as a means to help people make sense of their past and build a future purpose
  2. The importance of active listening in recovery
  3. Seven kinds of questions to use while doing process work with clients/mentees

The total run time of this course is approximately 40 minutes, and that can be done all at once or in stages as you see fit. The course will save the place you left off. 

BONUS HELP: This course is self-paced over 40 days, but if you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 210-822-8201. Of course, it’s also yours for life to review as often as you’d like.

WE GUARANTEE IT: If you complete this course and do not believe worth it, we will gladly refund your money without asking a question.

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Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome

    • Process Work

    • The Role of Your Group

    • It's About the Story

  2. 2
    • Start with Recent Events

    • Build a Bigger Picture

    • Keep Positive

    • Purpose

    • Trauma & Story

    • Elusive Memories

    • A Simple Example

    • A Real Example

    • Clarify the Story

    • Sift & Sort

  3. 3
    • Listen First

    • Teachable Moments

    • Discernment

    • Caution Signs

    • Active Listening

    • Teach Through Questions

  4. 4
    • Kinds of Questions

    • Asking Questions

    • Clarifying Questions

    • Probing Questions

    • Revealing Questions

    • Ownership Questions

    • Ownership & Story

    • Direct Questions

  5. 5
    • Just One Piece of the Puzzle

    • When to Use Process Work

    • This Takes Time

    • Humility

    • Review More Than Once

    • The Right Mentor

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