Advanced Prevention of & Recovery

from unwanted sexual behaviors

In this second part of the Effective Allies series we go beyond identifying triggering emotions and new behaviors to look at our beliefs. All of us are more influenced by the world around us that we typically realize. We pick up beliefs that we may not even know we have. Other times we believe things that are not really true and that stand in the way of us maintaining sexual integrity for any length of time. 

Effective Allies Part 2 will guide you through helping each other investigate three important aspects of sexual integrity:

What do I believe about myself, God, and others that is not true.

What do I think I believe about myself, God, and others that I actually do not believe

How are any false believes I am carrying stand in the way of my integrity and what can I do to let go of them?

When to Take This Course. This course follows Effective Allies Part 1 and is designed to be used in one of two ways:

  • For those near the beginning of their journey to integrity, we recommend not starting this course until six months after completing Effective Allies Part 1. We need to fully understand and create new habits around the ideas in Part 1 before attempting to look at the advanced ideas in Part 2.
  • For those who have been actively involved in recovery before they took Effective Allies Part 1, and for anyone who mentors, you can start this course immediately after completing Effective Allies Part 1.

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Pure Life Alliance

Pure Life Alliance is an intra-church network collaborating to bring healing and restoration to families and individuals impacted by sexual brokenness. This network links resources between churches, Christian counselors, and support group leader training to to assist men and women in their pursuit of healthy sexuality. Pure Life Alliance is a local organization working in the Portland, Oregon region.

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