Family Discussion Guide

For Addressing Pornography in the Adolescent Years

A Family Game Plan for Discussing Porn

Studies show that the average child is exposed to pornography at 11-13 years old. This exposure harms both their emotional and spiritual development. We want to help you help your family.

Whether your child has been exposed to pornography or not, the likelihood increases dramatically in adolescence. You both need to be prepared! This course starts with a section for parents, then children join in with a series of short videos and discussion guides.

21 Days of Help for Parents & Children

Parents will be equipped for conversations that lead to real change. The course starts with easy conversations and works toward more difficult ones. Topics include:

  • Preparing our emotions
  • Understanding the underlying issues behind pornography use
  • The connection between feelings and pornography use
  • Six reasons children and teens use porn and how to find other ways to meet those needs
  • Guidelines to safe conversations at home about sex and pornography
  • Real stories from real parents and teens
  • Specific plans to move away from pornography

You are not alone. If at any time during the course you feel you need assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 210-822-8201.  

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McKenzie Ekman

McKenzie has lived in Oregon her whole life and completed her Bachelor of Science in Children, Youth and Family Studies at Portland State University. She now works for First Image as the director of a program called Reality Project where she gives a presentation about sex and relationships to public schools, private schools, and churches. This program is also a resource for parents. She spends most of her free time adventuring outside in beautiful Oregon, singing, dancing or hanging out with her 5-year-old black lab rescue dog.


Dan Martin

Dan Martin is the Ministry Relationship Director for pureHOPE ( where he oversees partnerships with both domestic and international leaders, churches and organizations. He frequently speaks on topics addressing Family, Parenting, Marriage, Christian Leadership, God’s Story of Sex, Talking With Your Kids, and Technology.

Pure Life Academy Instructor

John Fort

John Fort is the Director of Training for Be Broken. He is also the co-founder and board member of the annual Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit.

He speaks nationally on pornography addiction recovery and parenting for purity issues. He is the author Father-Son Accountability: Integrity Through Relationship and Honest Talk: A New Perspective on Talking to Your Kids About Sex and is a regular blogger on Covenant Eyes and Protect Young Minds.

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