Made for Purity

Learning to Live by God's Design for Sexuality

Made for Purity takes a close look at the good news about our sexuality: no matter if we are wounded by, afraid of, or obsessed with sexual situations, our sexuality can be redeemed. Through help from God and our community, we can reclaim our sexuality through purification. This course provides concrete examples of how we can make progress toward peace and purpose within our sexuality.

This is a six-lesson course that includes video, illustrations, text, and surveys/quizzes. Each lesson's time commitment is only roughly 60 minutes but the goal is not to get through the content as fast as you can. We recommend you take time to work through the exercises and challenges in each lesson so the content can grow through you and make a stronger impact.

We also recommend that you talk with others about what you are learning throughout the course. The course does provide means to communicate with the instructor and other students through a Questions/Comments forum built into the course. (This is optional to use.)

This particular course is optimally designed for mobile devices, though it works perfectly well on a laptop or other computer.

"Throughout the course the content hits a bullseye by anticipating doubts the learner is feeling and addressing them head-on."

 "One crowning feature of Made for Purity: the questions don't merely ask the learner to spit back rote content. Rather, they require some higher level thinking to process the content and make inferences."

 "The course is helping me A LOT. Keep up the good work!"!

This course is designed for men and women, single or married adults, and is even appropriate for teenagers.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Redefining Sexual Purity
  • Sexual Sanctification
  • The Importance of Transparency
  • Emotions & Sexuality
  • Relating Our Sexuality with God
  • Purity & Community
  • Practical Steps for You

This course is self-paced, but if you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at or 210-822-8201.

Money Back Guarantee

If you complete this course and do not believe it was beneficial to you, we will refund your money.

Made for Purity Instructors

  • John Fort

    Pure Life Academy Instructor

    John Fort

    John Fort is the Director of Training for Be Broken. He is also the co-founder and board member of the annual Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit.

    He speaks nationally on pornography addiction recovery and parenting for purity issues. He has authored Father-Son Accountability: Integrity Through Relationship and The Other Side of Black Rock, a Christian fantasy analogy to the pursuit of integrity.

  • Jonathan Daugherty

    Pure Life Academy Instructor

    Jonathan Daugherty

    Jonathan Daugherty is the founder and president of Be Broken Ministries, and founder of Gateway to Freedom workshop for men. Jonathan also hosts the weekly radio broadcast, Pure Sex Radio, and is in demand nationally as a speaker on sexual purity and men’s issues.

    He has authored Grace-Based Recovery, The 4 Pillars of Purity, Secrets, and other works.Jonathan lives with his wife and three children in San Antonio, Texas.

    More at

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Made for Purity Pricing

For less than $5 a lesson you can learn what it takes to live by God's design for sexuality!

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