Parenting for Purity in the 21st Century

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Parenting for Purity in the 21st Century contains all six courses in our Parenting for Purity series and includes all courses for parenting children ages 5 - 18. This unique and comprehensive course guides parents through the critical conversations we need to have with our children to help them develop Godly sexuality. The content is interactive, allowing parents to work through scenarios and develop a plan for their own unique family. 

This interactive series:

  • provides a Biblical perspective on sexuality.
  • focuses on what children can DO to pursue Godly sexuality, not just what they should not do.
  • leverages relationships as the primary means to sexual purity.
  • explains the underlying drivers that affect sexual decisions in children of different ages.
  • clearly outlines specific conversations and activities that promote sexual integrity.
  • demonstrates how to talk about even the most difficult topics, such as sexual fantasy & masturbation.
  • models different approaches so you can chose the best fit for your children.

Benefits to You

  • You will know the four factors that affect a child’s choices about sex.
  • You will have the confidence to discuss any sexual issue with your children.
  • You will know at what age to discuss or repeat different subjects for your child’s growth in purity.
  • You will be prepared with multiple ways to start conversations with your children about purity.
  • You will have different conversations and activities to use with children of different personalities.

The course does allow learners to submit questions directly to the instructor throughout. However, if you ever have any questions you can also reach out to us at or 210-822-8201.

Money Back Guarantee

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