Parent - Teen Discussion Guide

This course is designed for you and your teenager or adolescent to do together. There is no up front materials for you to watch first, no preparation necessary on your part, you do it all together. You can start immediately.

We  created this course for the modern teen and modern family. Each lesson is short, 5 minutes or less, followed by a guided discussion for you and your teenager. We recommend doing only one lesson on a given day. There are seven lessons in all:

  1. Sex & Anxiety: how one affects the other
  2. Anxiety About Our Sexuality: the common things adolescents worry about and what “normal” looks like
  3. Sex as a Coping Mechanism: how sexuality and porn can become a way to cope with anxiety
  4. Anxiety and Sexual Performance: this is a bit of sex education helping you teach a more realistic view of how adult anxiety can affect marital sex
  5. Resolving Anxiety: ways to resolve anxiety surrounding our sexuality
  6. God, Anxiety, & Sex: how God views our sexuality and anxiety and how our faith is part of healing in those areas
  7. Next Steps: help in planning next steps in your family to prevent anxiety and sexuality from affecting each other negatively in the future

Connecting the Dots for Teens

Adolescents and Teenagers are more anxious about their sexuality than any other time in living memory. This is not what God wants for our children, and now you can help! This course walks you and your teenager through information and discussions to help both of you address anxiety more effectively.

Our anxiety can negatively impact our sexuality and our sexuality can make us feel anxious. This course looks at how anxiety and sexuality affect each other and ways God can help all of us reduce anxiety that can surround our sexuality.

BONUS HELP: if you ever have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or 210-822-8201. Of course, it’s also yours for life to review as often as you’d like.

WE GUARANTEE IT: If you complete this course and do not believe worth it, we will gladly refund your money without asking a question. So click the button below and get started on your quest for the peace and confidence you've been looking for.

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Pure Life Academy Instructor

John Fort

John Fort is the Director of Training for Be Broken. He is also the co-founder and board member of the annual Sexual Integrity Leadership Summit.

He speaks nationally on pornography addiction recovery and parenting for purity issues. He is the author Father-Son Accountability: Integrity Through Relationship and Honest Talk: A New Perspective on Talking to Your Kids About Sex and is a regular blogger on Covenant Eyes and Protect Young Minds.

Pure Life Academy Instructor

Aubrey Niegocki

Aubrey Niegocki grew up in California, graduated from UC Davis, and now lives in Oregon working with CRU. Her passion is challenging college students to see the combination of the Good News and good deeds. She works on projects connecting students to the work the International Justice Mission is doing to end modern day slavery.

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